Stained Glass Rebel Podcast -Satanism, Hell, and Heaven w/ Rev. Shannon Trenton (Ep. 08) The only podcast where you can start out intending to talk about unorthodox pastoral care practices and end up talking about satanism, hell, and the afterlife in general for 30 minutes! 

Stained Glass Rebel Podcast – God Can’t Stop Evil – Thomas Jay Oord(Ep. 07) Why doesn’t God stop bad things from happening? Why doesn’t God cure cancer? If God is loving, then why does God seem to act so unloving sometimes? If you’ve ever asked yourself a question like this, then today’s episode is for you. Award-winning author, Thomas Jay Oord, and I talk about the problem ofContinue reading “Stained Glass Rebel Podcast – God Can’t Stop Evil – Thomas Jay Oord(Ep. 07)”

Stained Glass Rebel Podcast – Pondering Principles – Food (Ep. 06) If I’m being completely honest, I was dreading this episode. What could be any less sexy or controversial than food safety and justice? Well, it just so happens that it’s a bigger deal than I thought. Enjoy this episode! Share and subscribe! Please support my work! Patreon: http://stainedglassrebel.comPodcast:

Stained Glass Rebel Podcast – Adventures in Evangelism – Nathan Branim (Ep. 02) An interview with Adventures in Evangelism author, Nathan Branim. Along with his book, we discuss how a conservative charismatic and a progressive liberal could develop a friendship!

Pondering Principles: Space

I had my wisdom teeth pulled earlier this week. Now that I’m a little better, it’s time to get back to another activity that can feel like oral surgery: studying the United Methodist Social Principles. Today we are talking about Space. The whole UMC stance on space is short enough to include here: The universe,Continue reading “Pondering Principles: Space”

Pondering Principles: Science and Technology Pondering Principles are the reflections of a United Methodist pastor on the Social Principles of the UMC. Check out the audio below to hear my thoughts on what United Methodists believe about science and technology. Leave a comment down below if you want more like this!