Stained Glass Rebel Podcast – Pondering Principles – Food (Ep. 06) If I’m being completely honest, I was dreading this episode. What could be any less sexy or controversial than food safety and justice? Well, it just so happens that it’s a bigger deal than I thought. Enjoy this episode! Share and subscribe! Please support my work! Patreon: http://stainedglassrebel.comPodcast:

Pondering Principles: Science and Technology

After what seems like forever, I am back at these Social Principles. Today, we are on Science and Technology. You can read it here. A few lines did stick out to me. Let’s get started. Here is the text: “We recognize science as a legitimate interpretation of God’s natural world. We affirm the validity ofContinue reading “Pondering Principles: Science and Technology”

Stained Glass Rebel Podcast – Adventures in Evangelism – Nathan Branim (Ep. 02) An interview with Adventures in Evangelism author, Nathan Branim. Along with his book, we discuss how a conservative charismatic and a progressive liberal could develop a friendship!

Everybody. Period

Below is a letter I wrote to my congregation regarding GC2019, the Judicial Council declaration and where we go from here. Hello, Church, A LOT has happened in the global United Methodist Church since our last newsletter. Specifically, the Special Session of General Conference met in February to determine the official UMC position on theContinue reading “Everybody. Period”

For The Bible Tells Me So

I just finished reading this book by Peter Enns and it is fantastic. I highly recommend For the Bible Tells Me So to every Christian who thinks they know what the Bible “plainly says.” Enns directly tackles the purpose of the Bible. He even has some very interesting things to say about how the apostleContinue reading “For The Bible Tells Me So”