Heal The World


I can’t recall one healing miracle in the Bible where a belief that Jesus could do it was absent. Sometimes Jesus initiated the healing. More often, people went to or were brought to Jesus. In the case of the bleeding woman, she didn’t even ask for healing but got it just by touching Jesus’ robe.

The one thing all healing miracles have in common is that someone, sometimes many someones, BELIEVED that Jesus could and would make them whole again. They opened themselves up to ridicule, failure, and disappointment. They were full of fear, but Jesus tells them “go in peace and stay well” and “It’s all right. Don’t be afraid…JUST BELIEVE.”


There is one danger here: It sounds a little like if a person doesn’t believe enough, they will not be healed. This is a dangerous idea because it puts our ability to be healed in our hands. God can heal us whether we believe it can or not. But Jesus never forced anyone to do anything nor did he force healing upon anyone.

It’s not the amount of our belief that will heal us. It is THAT we believe that we can be healed that tells God that we are open for him to work. This isn’t just a biblical idea. It works everywhere. The saying you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped comes from this idea. When someone doesn’t want to be helped, they are emotionally closing themselves off to the possibility, and our physical bodies will respond to what our mind tells it to be true.

So, opening yourself up to the belief that you can be healed is the first step.


Jesus has the power to heal the wounds of the afflicted, mend the broken parts of us, bring light into our darkest places, and bring life from death!

Believe that God will touch the places that we never even talk about and heal those.

Believe that God will heal your broken marriage.

Believe that God will mend your estranged relationship with a family member or friend.

Believe that God will heal your wallet! No, God’s not going to make you rich, but God will teach you how to be a better steward of what you’ve already been given.

Believe that God will take a veteran suffering from PTSD, one who is on the brink of suicide and heal the psychological and emotional damage that most of us can never even imagine.


Believe that God will heal your shattered heart if you’ve lost a person most precious to you.

Believe that God could take a self-harming, self-loathing, broken, battered, and lost teenage boy and turn him into your Pastor!

Friends, BELIEVE that God CAN AND WILL heal your community, you, me, and everyone who encounters Jesus Christ through us!


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