We Must Show a Changed Life

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If we are going to have any credibility with the people outside of our particular social circles, then we have to show them that what we believe has truly changed the way we behave. This is as true of the church as it is with any where else in life.

For example, we can’t say we believe in a God of love and then turn around and act like jerks! I mean, we can, but then people are going to just think that our God is a big jerk. If we’re being completely honest, isn’t that how a lot of US think of God? For example, why does God allow kids to starve to death? Sounds like a dick move to me.

**Don’t worry! I’ll address #FakeGods in a later post.**

For now, let us focus on how following Jesus example should work. If we are a people that believe following Jesus transforms lives, then we MUST show it.

If we are people that believe that being disciples of Jesus means becoming more like him, them we need to show it. We are the only Bible some people will ever read and our lives are the only Jesus some people will ever encounter. THAT is how critical showing a changed life is.

We are not going to show change if we are not living change. At a minimum, we should be worshipping, praying, serving, and giving with each other all the time wherever we are. Those action are not reserved for Sunday morning. Those actions should be automatic reflexes of being alive in Jesus Christ!


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