Changing the World Without Much

We don’t need much to change the world around us.

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We don’t need to be rich to be nice.

We don’t need to have lots of money to share what we have.

We don’t need to wait until we have a certain amount of money in our general fund to think big.

There is a video on YouTube where this young man gives a homeless person $100 as a social experiment. We can debate all day on the ethics of using people as unwilling guinea pigs in social experiments, but here is the point. Instead of taking that $100 and being selfish with it, that homeless man who had ratty clothes and had admittedly had nothing to eat in two days, he went to a grocery store and spent the whole amount on food. He then took the food back to a community of other homeless people hanging out in a park. AND HE PASSED IT ALL OUT only keeping a small amount for himself.

This man did not have a lot. He was in a position where he could have been completely selfish with the money and not one person would have blamed him. Yet, he took the little that he had and he shared it….he changed the lives of the entire homeless community…if even for a day.

We don’t need much to change the world around us…and we have more than many churches.


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