It’s a Miracle!

Jesus didn’t only perform miracles to show off his power. Yes, there are times when that happened, like when Jesus walks on water in front of only his disciples. But even then, he only showed his power to calm their fears. He didn’t use it to cause more fear. As one writer put it, “Jesus’ glory is not revealed for power, but for grace-filled pastoral care.”

The miracles of Jesus ALWAYS brought healing intothis world. In fact, everything recorded about Jesus in the gospels was toeither point people to God or to restore them in some way.

And when we believe that the way of Jesus can heal,we begin to be healed personally and are empowered to heal others by God’sSpirit.

We believe in the way of Jesus…so that healing takesplace…so that we can be sent out…so that Jesus can become known through us…sothat he can draw crowds to himself through us…so that he can feed the worldboth physically and spiritually through our church.

The account of Jesus feeding the multitudes the ONLY miracle performed by Jesus that is in all four gospel accounts. The feeding miracle was so deeply ingrained in the remembrance of Jesus and for good reason. It’s truly amazing. Each gospel focuses on different aspects of the feeding miracle, but one thing they all share is the basic parallel between food sustaining life and Jesus being the one who offers it – both the food and life.

The next couple of posts will address two aspects of that story: Trust and Response. More specifically, they will address the LACK OF TRUST and the INCORRECT RESPONSE to the miracle and how those often reflect our own reality today.


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