Well Which Is It? Adoption or Abortion?

If you’re going to cry out for people to adopt rather than abort, then maybe the adoption process should be so restrictive.

Some recent legislative bills being introduced in Tennessee slam home a reality that makes my head spin. Some of the same people who yell loudest against abortion are the same ones limiting the ability for born children to be adopted.

It is quite infuriating. It smacks not of morality but of power, the power to say who can and cannot raise children.

This isn’t just theory for me. I’ve have very close friends who have been in the adoption process for years. I have seen the struggle they have had to endure. They are pro-life. They are trying to do their part to reduce the proliferation of abortion in this country. Yet, they still wait by no fault of their own.

They still wait because people who have a history of poor choices get to choose for them.

And now we see legislation being introduced to make it even harder to children to be adopted. Why? Under the guise of religious freedom. It’s interesting to me how often religion freedom looks like restriction and exclusion for the good of the club and not for the good of those in need.


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