#LettersForMyBoys – 6

The Eternal is ready to share His wisdom with us,
    for His words bring true knowledge and insight; – Proverbs 2:6

Boys, I’m gonna slow down a little bit here. We’ve been talking about seeking wisdom…or not. We’ve talked about what happens if you choose not to seek her out. Today, I want to talk about readiness and digging deep.

This proverb says that God is ready to share his wisdom. I believe our (the Christian’s) main lens through which we filter that wisdom is the life and teachings of Jesus as presented in the Gospels. What people like to call “God’s truth” has to be clarified by Jesus if we claim to follow him.

Jesus was crafty. His ability to encapsulate wisdom in stories is quite unmatched anywhere else in the Bible. God is ready to share that wisdom if we are ready to hear the stories. Not just pithy bits but the whole story. That bring me to digging deeper.

The great thing about well told stories is that they hide their best ideas underneath the surface. You have to get past the words themselves and move toward the meanings behind them. If you’re able to find out why certain details are there, then you’ll find wisdom. Jesus was a master with this. He crafted stories that literally required the listener to hear more than was said.

The “words” that God is ready to share, the words that contain “true knowledge and insight,” are beyond what you are able to simply read. You have to infer and discern. You have to learn about the contexts of those stories to make any sense of them. If you stop only at the surface, if you think the words you read state anything clearly, then you have not gone far enough.

The only thing that is clear in the Bible is that nothing is clear.


Don’t take anything at face value. Life is too complex to settle for easy answers. The voices of God are out there, the words of the Divine are available for your development. You only have to put in the work to get past the skin to get to the meat. Don’t be tempted by the Gospel according to Memes. There are not shortcuts here.



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