Pondering Principles – Global Climate Stewardship

Uh-Oh, here we go talking about climate change again. It’s a short paragraph though. Don’t worry. Read the section of the UMC Social Principles on Global Climate Stewardship here.

I already wrote about our disregard for creation. This is reaffirmed at the outset of this paragraph. The other part of this section that got me was this:

The adverse impacts of global climate change disproportionately affect individuals and nations least responsible for the emissions.

Social Principles – Global Climate Stewardship

You catch that? The people least responsible for fucking this up are the ones who are paying the highest price for it. That truth is rampant in so many more ways than just climate change, especially in our country.

What families lose the most when a war starts? Not the families of the ones who started it that’s for sure. What people are most affected by our modern day slavery – excuse me our prison system? Certainly not the ones who created an implemented the privatized incarceration farms. And here we see the power structures shitting on people who cannot fight back. The problem is that, eventually, everyone is going to pay a high price for hurting the planet. It is the price that will be paid for caring more about convenience than for people, for progress than for relationships.


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