Praying the Psalms – Psalm 8

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I pray that those who need to hear your name do hear it. Let those who’ve heard it before hear it again.

Your magnificent glory shines far above the skies but today I pray that we see it shining here below the clouds with us. People are broken and despairing. They need that glorious light now more than ever.

Thank you for new life! I pray for those adding a new baby to their house today.

We are the mouths and souls through which you weald your power. Flow through us today and use the power of your loving presence to stop your adversaries. Stamp out the desire for revenge in me as well as in those who seek to get revenge against me. Vengeance does nothing for us expect further hurt, divide, and break us…and it moves us farther from your Way.

I ask your Spirit to continue to urge me to meditate on the wondrousness of your creation. When I gaze to the skies, I see you. In the moon and stars, the trees and grass, the biting winter air and the warm caress of the summer sun, in the blooming bud and the dying leaf…I see you.

So, why do you care about me? About us? We are so small an insignificant in the scope of this universe. Yet, you have made it plain to us that we matter to you. God, I pray for those who feel like they don’t matter to you or anyone. There is soul-crushing grief in many of us today. We feel like nothing matters…especially us.

Help us look around at this world and see the beauty even in the middle of all the ugliness. The ugliness isn’t truth. It is a distortion of the truth. The ugliness is a lie. Help us, help me, expose the lie. Let us see that there is always something beautiful worth hanging on to, worth sticking around for.

Thank you for Jesus. Thank you that, when I can see nothing beautiful around me, I can still see the beauty in your son, and that points me in the right direction.

Lord, guide us. Guide our hands and feet to nurture the offspring of your divine imagination. It is in that way that we can joyfully recognize your gift of creation to us. It’s hard to see it as a gift because it is literally trying to kill us. But there is still amazing beauty in the complexity of it all.

Thank you for pets. When the world seems lost, when everything in my day is going wrong, my dog still thinks I’m the person you want me to be. Please help me be the person my dog thinks I am.

Help us see the wisdom in trying to remain safe from things that can hurt us, even kill us.

There are so many of us. Remind us that we are all connected whether from across the world or even just across the street. What I do impacts countless others. And what they do impacts me. Quash the pride in my heart that lies to me and tells me that my choices are more important than other people’s choices. Get rid of the elitist attitude I have that lies to me and says I am more important than other people. Do away with the arrogance in me that lies to me and says that what I do is my own business because it doesn’t impact anyone else. These are all lies. Reveal these as lies with the light of your glorious radiance.

God, reveal the truth by the hearing of your name, your majestic name that is heard throughout the earth. Make known that name through the wonder of creation. Make known your name through me. AMEN.


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