Praying the Psalms – Psalm 21 (vs 1-2)

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O Eternal, you are strong. Through your patience, you reveal your strength. Give me some of that patient strength today. I feel at the very edge of everything.

I am glad because of you and you not leaving me to myself. Glad am I for you, but I cannot sing your name today. I can speak it. Maybe even shout it. But today, I cannot sing.

I have everything I need, yet I want more. Always more.  Still, I cannot think of something I want. I just know that I am not at ease with the state of everything. I wish for fear and stress to be reduced, eliminated even. I wish that the world hadn’t gone to hell in so short a time. But then again, was it really so short? Have we not been going down this path since the beginning? Was it not for this very reason that you brought Jesus into this world? Was Christmas revealed to us if not for such a time as now?

God, you never withhold your love from me, for which I am extremely thankful. Hear my prayers today. Hear and respond so I can listen and respond as well. Give me the voice to sing your name again. Give me the heart to want to do it. AMEN.


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