Praying the Psalms – Psalm 4

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Psalm 4 (1-2)

Answer my prayers, God. You know the true nature of my requests.

Continue to make me right in your sight. You love me regardless, but I want to be better for you.

Rescue me from the relentless feeling of anxiety and despair that threatens to consume me when I feel surrounded by uncertainty. You have rescued me before. I know that you will do it again.

You listen when I cry out. Hear me again. Surround me with the love that a proud parent shows their beloved child.

Restore my hope when it waivers. Bring me victory when I feel defeated, whether or not I truly am. When others try to steal my dignity, my hope in your goodness strengthens me.

Please do not let my actions be fruitless and let that fruit be ever sweet. Help me see clearly amid all the fog of our times. Help me understand. AMEN.


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