Praying the Psalms – 11

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Psalm 11

I take shelter in you, God. When all around me is scary and tumultuous, you are my refuge. Speak to me today. Speak words of both comfort and conviction. Sometimes courage looks like running away to confront the powers another day. Sometimes it looks like standing in harm’s way. Speak to me so I know which is appropriate. Our country looks like the bottom is falling all. What can I possibly do? Nothing good without your guidance and strength.

See me. See all of me. Examine my heart and motives. If they are not in line with your will, show me. I want to be righteous and not wicked, but I know that I am sometimes both. Help me be more good than not. Help me forgive those who are not.

Your heart hates violence. We do so much violence in your name. It has to make you sick. We are so wicked to each other. It must pain you, Father, to see your children killing each other. I could not bear it if one of my kids killed another. My mind cannot even fathom. Yet, you see it every single day in more numbers than is imaginable.

We deserve fiery coals heaped on our heads, yet you pile love and mercy upon us. Instead of scorching hot wind filling our cups, we drink in your breath of life…because you are good.

You love good deeds and right hearts. Help me see your face in the face of every person I encounter today. If I do not, then I know my heart is not right. Amen.


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