Praying the Psalms – Psalm 16

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God, the only safety I know is found in the moments I seek you. May there be more of those moments. Sometimes, it feels like the only good found in this world is in those moments. But I know that the world has good in it. You made it so.

The beauty of faith-filled people encompasses me. I thank you for those people every day. They reveal themselves at the same time the faithless do. Those who trust in your love completely are true and beautiful. When I hurt, they heal my heart.

Still, there are those who chase after the gods of power, control, and security. They despair because these gods are not theirs to get. They abandon your goodness for lesser, more vile things. Come, Holy Spirit, and guide them back to you. May they find your love and forgiveness complete.

Eternal One, you recharge me when I am running on empty. Your path leads to my future. My future sits next to me as I pray, three rambunctious little boys without a care in the world. They frustrate and energize me all at once. Together, my past and present, my wife, we journey this path as one. You have gifted me with more than I could have asked for.

Teach me your wise ways. May they orchestrate my days. May they center my mind on the things that bring you joy. Be present with me. Go before me just as you come with me. With you at my right hand, I will not abandon my calling.

This is a good life – even when it is a hard life. May a find rest so I can reflect on the gladness of my heart and the joyfulness of my soul. You never leave me alone. You do not abandon me, so I will not abandon you.

Direct me to beauty. Direct me on the path that leads to beautiful life. Direct me to bring beauty into the lives of others. This is your pleasure. Make it mine. Help me when I choose ugliness. I will know genuine joy and contentment when I walk the path that leads to beauty. AMEN.


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