Praying the Psalms – Psalm 15

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Praying the Psalms

Psalm 15

God, I want to live under your tent. I want to be secure in your love. I want a mountaintop experience. Give me the strength and desire to make the climb. We don’t just get to the mountaintop. We must make the journey there. Thank you for not making me climb alone.

I want to be blame free. Your Spirit makes clear when I am not and comforts me in those moments. Bring healing and restoration to those on the receiving end of the actions of which I am guilty. I want to do what is right for you and those around me.

May your Spirit guide my tongue and empower me to speak truthfully and sincerely. Words can do more damage than most physical weapons. I do not want my words to hurt myself or others.

I miss my friends. May your Spirit remind me that doing no harm to them is just the first step. I want to love them. May my neighbors know no insult because of me. Please reveal to me how I have caused them harm so that I can repair it if possible.

God, you despise wickedness but do not destroy the wicked. Instead, you seek to change them into people who honor and love you. You seek to change them into people who love your creation as much as you do. Where I have been wicked, change my heart to be more like you.

I have made promises. Honoring promises and being honest with others is important to me. But I am not perfect. Forgive me for my broken promises. Give me the strength of will to forgive those who break their promises to me.

I want to give without expectation of getting back. If someone needs from me, may I remember you gave everything and expect no repayment. You have called us to be givers, not lenders. May I be a giver.

The innocent are vulnerable, especially to those that seek to harm them. May I never be swayed to hurt an innocent person. May I never we swayed to hurt anyone.

God, guide my footstep along the path of mercy and justice that you have paved. Please don’t let me stumble but be with me to pick me up if I do. AMEN.


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