Praying the Psalms – Psalm 52

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Praying the Psalms

Psalm 52

God, I do not want to brag about the evil I’ve done. I want to bask in your faithful, long-lasting love. Give me the courage to have your kind of power, the power to persuade, the power to convince, the power to draw others to me so they can know your love.

May the words I use not be destructive. May they not cut others. May they be honest. May I focus my entire life on good and not evil. No matter what, may I never lie and deceive others.

Do not take me down unless I have gained anything through deception. Do not uproot me from the living. Not yet. I want to be whole with you in eternity…but not today. Today, I wish to be in awe of your creation. Today, I wish to laugh at those people that love evil more than good, who speak destruction and deception. I will laugh today. But I will also pray for them the same prayer I have for me: Lord, I pray for your shelter and protection. I pray for the strength and wisdom to trust in nothing but your loving guidance. I pray I am smart enough to understand it and to follow it.

Make me like a thriving olive tree in your house, healthy and full of fruit. May I trust in in your faithful love forever and always. Make that trust real in my words and my actions. I thank you because you have acted and not left me alone to continue down the path of destruction and deceit. Please surround me with people that are faithful to your loving way. In them, I will see the reason for hope in your good name. AMEN.


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