Praying the Psalms – Psalm 12

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Praying the Psalms

Psalm 12

God, help me follow your lead. I am sometimes among the multitude of people who do not follow. The world can’t find you because they can’t find you in us. We try to be faithful, but we fail. We lie through honey-coated lips. May the words that come from my mouth be uplifting and healing. Our hearts are hollow so that we cannot store us the goodness you share with us. Fill the holes in our hearts!

May the strength we have in the Holy spirit quiet our arrogance. May we use the power you’ve given us to use our words to bring people close to you instead of to cut others down. Master our souls, O God.

Rise and stand strong for the poor, the hungry, and those in danger. Rise in our hearts as we do the same. Let us use our place in this world to lift others up to safety. I long for the safety of your presence.

Your promises are true and unending. You have promised to love. So, you love. You have promised a new creation. So, we know it is coming. You have promised relationship. So, we know we are never alone. You have promised protection. So, we know we are in your care even when others don’t care about us. Let this be a constant reminder to us in times of struggle. AMEN.


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