Praying the Psalms – Psalm 26

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Praying the Psalms – Psalm 26

Lord, may I act with integrity today. May I be honest with everyone I encounter. May I trust you without wavering. But even if I falter, may I find my way back to you quickly. May I pass every test set before me with kindness, patience, and endurance. Check my heart and show me where it needs to be whole again. Your love is right in front of me. May I be aware enough to see and embrace it.

I pray I am “up to no good” for you. May I not be the liar in my group. May people see enough of you in me they choose not to lie in my presence. I detest evildoers. May I never be the wicked one in my group.

May I wash my hands of vileness. May I always get my hands dirty by protecting the innocent.

Thank you for the wonderful things in my life, my spouse, my kids, my friends, and the ability to learn something every day. Thank you for the beauty I get to experience every day. Thank you for the opportunity to witness your gloriousness in creation this day.

May I not be among the sinners whose lives are mired in evil schemes and whose hands work only for themselves. Let my face be known as one of integrity. Save me from myself when I veer away from this.

May my feet stand of solid ground. May my feet stand on level ground. May my feet take steps toward you. May my feet lead others toward you. May my feet pick up speed as I seek to rush toward the goodness of your embrace. May the work that you have called me to bless the great congregation you have set before me. AMEN.


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