No Love Without Trust: How Love Will Win the Day

In the Bible, we see two stories of individuals faced with difficult decisions where they had to choose where to place their trust – Ahaz and Joseph. Ahaz, fearing for the future, was told by God to ask for a sign but ultimately chose to trust in himself rather than in God’s guidance. On the other hand, Joseph was faced with the revelation that his betrothed, Mary, was pregnant before they were married. Though it was legal and common practice for him to publicly disgrace Mary and transfer shame to her and her family, Joseph ultimately chose to trust in God’s message and marry Mary, even though it went against societal norms.

This highlights the fact that just because something is legal or popular does not make it good and just. We see this throughout history, from the actions of Hitler and the slave trade, to the genocide of Native Americans in the pursuit of settling this country. Like Ahaz and Joseph, we all have the choice of where to place our trust – in laws and rules, in humanity guided by cultural norms, in money and control, or in the majority rules mentality of the power structure.

However, when we choose to trust in God, we are choosing to trust that love will ultimately win the day. This is the message of Christmas, as we celebrate the birth of the savior who represents the love of God. By standing up for what is right for the “least of these,” even when it goes against societal norms, we demonstrate our trust in God and serve as examples of love to a world in desperate need of it.

So, our assignment for you is to choose to trust in God and let love reign in your heart. We can either let fear or love rule our lives, and the choice we make will depend on our trust in God. Remember, when we place our trust in God, we are choosing to trust that love will win the day.


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