Navigating Community Trauma in the Wake of the Tyre Nichols Case

Photo by Dio Hasbi Saniskoro on

A friend asked, “How do we address the community trauma of the released audio and video footage” of the Tyre Nichols case? I posted these thoughts and wanted to share them here because the turmoil inside is real y’all:

The build up to the release of that Tyre Nichols body cam video was something a little new and weird. Is that what we are going to do now? When did snuff porn become a mainstream spectacle rather than a fringe debauchery?

I am not sure how to address the community trauma to be honest, but it needs to be at the front of our minds. Everything about this situation is a perversion of the status quo in a way that makes it all extra horrific. It’s like, here we go again, but with a brand new twist.

I guess, when it comes to the healing aspect of it all, I suppose I wonder this: Can anyone truly heal from a wound where salt isn’t just being poured but mashed in and ground deeper everyday?

Perhaps the best we can do in a situation like this is hold each other between the non-violent protests and just whisper “I know. I know, and we’re still trying.”


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