How can we use technology to spread the gospel in uncommon ways?

Hey, y’all! There are lots of ways to use technology to spread the gospel beyond traditional methods like preaching or publishing. Here are some pretty uncommon ways to use technology to spread the gospel and reach people for Jesus:

Uncommon ways to spread the gospel.

Virtual reality:
Virtual reality technology can be used to create immersive experiences that help people connect with the gospel. For example, a virtual reality tour of the Holy Land could provide a powerful visual representation of the Bible’s teachings.

Gamification involves using game design elements in non-game contexts. You can use gamification to create interactive and engaging experiences that help people learn about the gospel. For example, you could create a Bible-themed trivia game that challenges players to test their knowledge of scripture.

Augmented reality:
Augmented reality technology can be used to bring the Bible to life in new and engaging ways. For example, you could create an augmented reality experience that allows people to explore the biblical story of creation in a virtual environment. Imagine Pokemon Go but “in the beginning.” 🙂

Chatbots can be programmed to answer questions about faith and offer spiritual guidance to people in need. You can create a chatbot that responds to users’ questions about Christianity, offers prayer support, or provides information about local churches. While it has it’s limitation and its answers must be monitored for accuracy, ChatGPT is a good example of what can be done with something like this. Or, if you’ve ever talked to a chat box on a retail storefront site, you may have interacted with this kind of bot.

Virtual choirs:
With video conferencing and music editing software, it’s possible to create virtual choirs that can perform and record hymns and worship songs. This is a great way to bring together Christian musicians from around the world to create inspiring music. The effort required to make this one work is considerable, but there are many talented artists out there who love this kind of service to the church.

And finally, Christian video games:
Video games can be a great way to teach people about the biblical themes and Christian values. You can create games that tell biblical stories, promote moral values, and encourage players to act in accordance with Christian teachings.

On that note, I had the sweet opportunity to help develop a text-based game with Checkpoint Church. It is called “Not Another Advent Story.” You can play it here:

And while not a VIDEO game, my friends over in the Virginia Annual Conference of the United Methodist church developed a TTRPG (table top role playing game) called “RPtheG,” which you can find more info about here: RPtheG

There are so many more unconventional ways to use technology to spread the love of Jesus with the world. What are some of the unusual ways are YOU using to meet people where they are? How are you using technology to go be Jesus to someone?


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