Build It and They Will Come?

I have three children. Have you ever tried to hide or get away from your kids when you don’t want to share space or food? You’ve never locked yourself in the bathroom for a few minutes of peace and quiet? You’ve never waited until the children were asleep to eat cookies? I once ate theContinue reading “Build It and They Will Come?”

Pondering Principles – Natural World

The next nine of these are going to focus on the United Methodist Social Principles relating to what the Discipline calls the Natural World. Today’s reflection is on the introductory statement, which you can read here. Water, air, soil, minerals, energy resources, plants, animal life, and space are to be valued and conserved because theyContinue reading “Pondering Principles – Natural World”

#LettersForMyBoys – 2

My son, should your less honorable peers pressure you to do what is wrong, you should be strong enough not to go along. Proverbs 1:10 (The Voice) I like the choice of “your less honorable peers” to the more traditional (and maybe literal) “sinners” in this translation because it captures two very important ideas. First, we allContinue reading “#LettersForMyBoys – 2”

Social Media and the Christian

Social media can be great or terrible. That is the simple truth. The following is an excerpt from a great article with guidelines for a Christian trying to make the internet a little less terrible. As I learned and implemented these thoughts in my own social media use, I found myself feeling more free, positiveContinue reading “Social Media and the Christian”

Pondering Principles – Preamble

One of the interesting things about a lot of the people who claim to be United Methodists is that we don’t even know what our official denominational stance is on a great many issues. Hell, I was shocked at the number of employed UMC clergy who have not yet read our Social Principles completely. SomeContinue reading “Pondering Principles – Preamble”

#LettersForMyBoys – 1

Today, I begin a walk through the book of Proverbs. Proverbs was a book of everyday wisdom that parents, usually fathers to sons in the original context, used to prepare their children to be functioning members of their communities. In so many ways, Proverbs provides wisdom we can sink our teeth into even if weContinue reading “#LettersForMyBoys – 1”

How do we know if we are disciples of Jesus?

Well, the simple answer is that we know we are disciples of Jesus if we are emulating him or doing what he did. We know we are his disciples if we have the same heart of compassion and love that he did. We know that we are his disciples if we know where and whenContinue reading “How do we know if we are disciples of Jesus?”

Being Known is Key in Communication

Why is being known important? If we are not known, who is going to bother listening to us? How often do we let strangers help us? My wife was walking down the street the other day and someone pulled up alongside of her and offered to give her a ride. She wisely declined. She didn’tContinue reading “Being Known is Key in Communication”